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Web & Electronic Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing

The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG (Special Interest Group) promotes the human indexing of Web sites, HTML and XML documents and Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla! or Wordpress as well as embedded indexing of Microsoft Word, PDF and Framemaker electronic documents, online help, databases, mobile applications and eBooks using software tools such as InDesign, IXgen and DEXembed. See also podcasts, ebooks and videos.

Its first objective is to serve the professional interests of indexers who seek to apply their skills in traditional human indexing to the nontraditional Web medium. This includes the writing of alphabetical (A-Z) indexes for individual Web sites, intranets, online periodicals, and collections of multiple Web sites. It also includes metadata keyword tagging of Web pages and online help and embedded indexing of Word, PDF and eBooks.

Its second objective is to inform the Web design and development, online help and eBook community of the tools and resources for creating Web site, online help, Word and eBook indexes and the advantages of human-created indexes.

Web and electronic indexing is a wide and varied area. In 2015, taxonomy is where the most work is in this field.

Read our A-Z Site Indexes for improved site searching presentation (pdf) for examples and more information from about 10 years ago. It has moved into eBook indexing and taxonomy now.

Blogs and articles are available going back in time by authors from around the world, either online or available from the authors or a local library. The most relevant are the most recent as this field changes quickly.

The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG is an affiliate of the American Society for Indexing, but serves Web and eBook indexers and Web, electronic and embedded indexing worldwide and members of affiliated societies can become free members.

Members of the SIG are encouraged to update their skills and interests in the Membership Area. This will help the SIG coordinate courses or training options for beginners.

Advanced Web and electronic indexers are encouraged to register to be listed on the SIG's Contract Indexer directory and tick their skills and interests. This is after joining.

The SIG's sister SIGs include Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG and Periodical and Database Indexing SIG

The ASI Digital Trends Task Force (ASI DTTF) provides the SIG with information on eBook indexing and seeks to link up with software tool developers to include indexes.

The SIG participates in events such as the ASI Annual Conference with talks on Web and Electronic Indexing topics. Other affiliated society conferences often have talks on Web and electronic indexing too.

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