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Web & Electronic Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing


Web and electronic indexing is a wide and varied area spanning Web, taxonomies and ebooks.

The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG (Special Interest Group) promotes the human indexing of:

  • Web sites, HTML and XML documents including Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress
  • embedded indexing of Microsoft Word, PDF and Framemaker electronic documents, online help, databases and ezines
  • ebook indexing
  • using appropriate software tools and search engine metadata

Its first objective is to serve the professional interests of indexers who seek to apply their skills in traditional human indexing to the nontraditional Web and electronic medium to include:

  • the writing of indexes for individual Web sites, intranets, online periodicals, and collections of multiple Web sites;
  • metadata keyword tagging of Web pages for search engine optimization;
  • indexing online help and embedded indexing of MS Word, Framemaker and PDF;
  • indexing ebooks

Its second objective is to:

  • inform the Web design and development, online help, electronic document and ebook community of the advantages of professional indexes to digital media;
  • promote best practices for Web indexing, tagging and ebook indexing.


The SIG's sister SIGs include Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG and Periodical and Database Indexing SIG. See our Taxonomies discussion groups. This is to do with metadata and ontology creation.

The ASI Digital Trends Task Force (ASI DTTF) provides the SIG with information on eBook indexing with software tools. See our Digital Publishing epub discussion groups. DTTF is not a SIG so this SIG is the de facto ebook SIG. This is to do with embedded indexing. DTTF encourages people to join our SIG where they can apply their knowledge from DTTF in hands-on ebook indexing.

Ecosystem in Digital Publishing

The SIG supports the integration of the following in the digital publishing ecosystem:
  • libraries
  • publishers
  • indexers
  • readers
  • software developers
  • booksellers and online stores
  • authors and technical writers
  • search engines
  • universities and colleges
  • metadata and database experts
  • Web developers and Web designers

We will attempt to connect publishers who need embedded indexing with indexers who do embedded indexing to grow the electronic indexing industry and not just have packagers remove the vital contact between publisher and indexer. Mostly IT and scientific publishers use embedded indexing.


From 2013 onwards, Canadian Web and electronic indexers are doing very well with Hansard indexes and PDF indexes.

Vancouver and Montreal public library systems are the best in the world (Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf) (7/15 story, LIBRI study 12/13). Canadians are the growing part of the SIG! (7/15)

ANZSI President Glenda Browne and member of our SIG won a research fellowship from Australian Copyright Agency to research ebook indexing (6/15).


The SIG lists current courses and training options for Web and electronic indexing for beginners and more advanced indexers.

A list of software tools for Web and electronic indexing is maintained.

Blogs and articles are available by authors from around the world, mostly online or via library. This field changes quickly.

The SIG's members participate in events such as the ASI Annual Conference giving talks on Web and Electronic Indexing topics. Other affiliated society conferences often have talks on Web and electronic indexing too. Anyone with a Web or electronic indexing event is encouraged to contact the Webmaster to have it listed in the events page.


The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG is an affiliate of the American Society for Indexing, but serves Web and eBook indexers and Web, electronic and embedded indexing worldwide and members of affiliated societies are encourage to

Members of the SIG are encouraged to update their skills and interests on their profile in the

to help with training and focus for the SIG.

Advanced Web and electronic indexers are encouraged to register to be listed on the SIG's Contract Indexer directory and tick their skills and interests. This is after joining.

New Indian or any other potential members are encouraged to contact the SIG manager if they are struggling with joining or using our site.

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions. No canvassers please.

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researchEmbedded and tagging index survey (survey) by Dave Ream (ASI Web and Electronic Indexing SIG) due Mar 27, 2016, open to anyone
statusDatabase is up after being down on Mar 5 2015 and Mar 12, 2015. If down or there is a server or Web page error, contact Webmaster to report error, update or join.
member areamember area was fixed so people can login and update their member or contract indexer details, reset and change their password, set skill profile, change mailinglist subscription and renew membership (due annually with current society membership)
American Society for Indexing-Indexing Society of Canada/Société canadienne d'indexation (ISC/SCI) Conference, June 16-18, 2016 - Chicago IL USA
Only a Few Seats Remain; Register Now!
  • embedded, PDF, Web indexing, team projects, tools
  • Web Indexing Award 2016 presented to Doug Lowry who will speak briefly
podcastsWeb indexing podcasts, ebooks and videos were added. (Apr 1, 2013)
medal Web indexing award 2016 winner (Jan 9, 2016)
Web indexing award 2014 winner (Jan 28, 2014)

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