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Resources: Articles

Articles are listed chronologically, rather than by author name, due to the changing nature of technology and the fact that any links within articles might become outdated.

American Society for Indexing Digital Trends Task Force Resources

ANZSI Bibliography on Indexing - very good!

Bloomberg BNA, "Using Indexes Online Study" (pdf)

Haskins, Lucie, "emDEX: Tremendous Functionality for This FrameMaker Plug-in", unpublished

Publishing Technology Group of the Society of Indexers Online Resources - index to articles in SI and other newsletters related to electronic indexing

Quinn, Sherrey, Select list of publications on Australian and New Zealand science thesauri, bibliographic databases and road traffic accident research.

The Indexer cumulative index - excellent! 1996-2010 (vol 20-28)

The Indexer subject index on information technology applications - excellent!

The Indexer table of contents of back issues - excellent! back issues can be ordered here

The Indexer volume-issue page breakdown - necessary to find right issue as index is volume:page

User Experience Professionals Association: User Experience Magazine


Cuerden, Barbara, Index-S reviews an Index-like-object: PDF Index Generator, INDEX-S blog, June 22, 2014


Australian Library and Information Association, Ebooks and lending - eLending Portal - State Library of New South Wales, Australia

Bosschieter, Pierke, Ereaders: exploring how well they work, The Indexer 31(2):60-61, June 2013

Browne, Glenda, ALIA Ebooks and elending issues paper. Version 4, 7 January 2013 (pdf)

Browne, Glenda, ANZSI 2013 conference - references from EPUB talks on EPUB3 and ebook indexes

Browne, Glenda, EPUB3 Indexes Charter and the future of indexing, ANZSI 2013 Conference, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers) (Conference TOC (PDF)

Browne, Glenda, Jan Wright and Michele Combs, EPUB3 indexes and the future of indexing, The Indexer 31(3):110-121, Sep 2013

Browne, Glenda, Mary Coe, Ebook navigation: browse, search and index, The Indexer 31(1):26-33, March 2013 (reprint of ALJ)

Cannon, Judith, Jenny Wood, People and place : the future of database indexing for Indigenous collections in Australia, ANZSI 2013 conference, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Chunlei, Han, The National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (NICNP) in the digital age, The Indexer 31(2):50-53, June 2013

Cobus-Kuo, Laura, Ron Gilmour, Paul Dickson (Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA), "Bringing in the experts: library research guide usability testing in a computer science class" (PDF), Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, Vol 8 No 4 (2013) (Oct 19, 2013)

Coe, Mary, "Ebooks and elending", (pdf) Online Currents (Vol 27, No 4), pp182-185, April 2013 - think tank by Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) including pricing and access models for public, academic and special libraries in ebook industry.

Gravett, Amron, Beth Nauman-Montana, "Showcasing pro bono work and the benefits of collaboration", Key Words, Vol 21 No 7, pp 112-114, July 2013 (mention of Web and Electronic Indexing SIG Pro Bono Program p114)

Haskins, Lucie, "Using Kerntiff Publishing IndexUtilities InDesign plug-ins", (temp link) Kerntiff Publishing, 2013 (in progress for late 2013 issue of The Indexer)

Hlava, Marjorie M.K., "Using a Taxonomy for Your Database or Website: A Look behind the Scenes", ASIS Bulletin, June/July 2013

Idan, Ori, EPUB3 versus HTML5, The Indexer 31(3):68-69, Sep 2013

Jermey, Jonathon, Kamm Schreiner, SKY Index Training Course, ANZSI 2013 Conference, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Johncocks, Bill, EPUB indexes and the future of indexing revisited, The Indexer 31(4):151-152, Dec 2013

Lennie, Frances, CINDEX Workshop - Patterns for the Plucky, ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Ream, Dave, Converting Legacy Books to eBooks with Linked Indexes, ANZSI 2013 Conference, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Ream, Dave, EPUB3 Standard for Indexes, ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (PDF)

Schlembach, Kay, Seth Maislin, Barlett's familiar quotations, 18th edition for mobile app, The Indexer 31(3):121-122, Sep 2013

Schott's Vocab Blog - NY Times - humour

SLWA Policy and Research, ebooks in libraries advocacy - blog

Stent, Claire, Trish O'Kane, Future Electronic Indexing, (XML Presentation, Linked data presentation, Crowdsourcing presentation), ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Wright, Jan, Dave Ream, Pilar Wyman, ASI Digital Trends Task Force Update, ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (15MB PDF all papers)

Wright, Jan, Glenda Browne, Michele Combs, David Ream and Pilar Wyman, The Matrix: creating an active index in all kinds of formats, from all kinds of tools, The Indexer 31(4), Dec 2013

Wright, Jan, Glenda Browne, Indexing techniques and EPUB, ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (PDF)

Wright, Jan, Intrepid indexing: from the sea to the stars, ANZSI Conference 2013, Wellington NZ (PDF)


Browne, Glenda, "Web and electronic indexing work opportunities". 9 June 2012.

Browne, Glenda, Mary Coe, "Ebook navigation: browser, search and index", (pdf) The Australian Library Journal, Vol 61 No 4, Nov 2012, pp 288-297.

E-Book Consumers Diversify Their Format Preferences, Says New BISG Study, book review of "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading", Vol 3, Book Industry Study Group, Bowker, July 31, 2012

Haskins, Lucie, "DEXembed, WordEmbed, and IndexDeconstructor: how do they work and why would I want to use them? presentation", (pdf) ASI Conference, San Diego, 2012

Haskins, Lucie, "How do DEXembed and WordEmbed work?", (pdf) 2012

Haskins, Lucie, "Indexing in InDesign", (pdf) 2012

The Indexer, 30(1), March 2012 Digital Media Issue paper, PDF or HTML

Wright, Jan, Dave Ream and members of the ASI DTTF, Asserting the Index with the eBook: Excerpts from the IDPF Proposal, Indexes Ink, Pacific Northwest Chapter of ASI, March 2012, pp3-8


Book Industry Strategic Group, "Digital Technologies in Australia's Book Industry: An update to the Jul 2010 report looking at technologies available to authors and readers; the two ends of the book industry supply chain", 21.10.2011 (PDF)

Paul, A mystery for indexers out there? The Taman Shud case, A Searching Librarian Blog, 23 Aug 2011

Das, Abhishek, Anit Jain, "Indexing the World Wide Web: the journey so far", Next Generation Search Engines: Advanced Models for Information Retrieval, 2011 (to appear, Google employees).

Linden, Sara, Electronic Resources: Changes and Challenges in Collection Management & Access, Sara Linden Blog, 28 October 2011

Ream, David K., Repurposing print indexes for the Web, Key Words 19(1) (Jan/Mar 2011).


Haskins, Lucie, "Demystifying IndexDeconstructor", (pdf) Key Words, Vol 18 No 1 pp 20-26, January-March 2010

Haskins, Lucie, "Repagination projects: knowing when to walk away and knowing when to run", (pdf) Key Words, Vol 18 No 1 pp 27-31, January-March 2010

Spalding, Tim, Feedbook loops in eBook success - LibraryThing, Thing-ology Blog, @librarythingtim

Twedt, Steve, Retired professor applies search technology to huge reform effort, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 10, 2010 - searchable copy of Senate and House Bills of SIG member Doug Lowry

Web indexing survey results, Web Indexing SIG of ASI, June-July 2010 (pdf)


Brown, Fred, "Indexing with DocBook XML", Allegro Time!, September, 2001, updated May, 2009.

Jermey, Jon, Linux and the indexer - a note, The Indexer 27(3):135, September 2009

The Indexer 27(3) September 2009 China Issue


Brown, Fred, "Indexing without Context: Some Thoughts about the New World of DITA and Content Management Systems", (pdf) Keywords April/June 2008 - from Allegro articles

Kingsley, Ilana, "The Usability of Academic Library Website Indexes: An Investigation." (pdf) The Indexer, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2008, pp. 71-78.


Allsopp, John (Westciv), "Microformats - a more semantic web today", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Baranovskiy, Dmitry (HRX), "Mashups", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Boutorabi, Bahram (Creative Digital Technology), "Web 2.0 - the next generation platform", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

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Brown, Fred, "Metadata goes mainstream", (pdf) KnowGenesis IJTC, Vol. 2, Issue 1, March 2007

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Browne, Glenda, "Collaborative indexing: towards the universal index", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Chase, Nicholas, "The ultimate mashup -- Web services and the semantic Web, Part 3: Understand RDF and RDFs - Build and interpret Resource Description Framework (RDF) and RDF Schema Language (RDFs)", IBM developerWorks, 8/3/2007 - mentions Glenda Browne and Jonathan Jermey's book "Website indexing 2nd ed" re ontology.

Donaldson, Ash (Produxi), "Information Architecture", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Gledhill, Scott (News Digital Media), "Web 2.0, Accessibility & Search Engine Optimisation", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Graham, Bobby (NLA), "Collaborative work spaces", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Greenberg, Jane and Eva Mendez, "Knitting the semantic web", Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Volume 43, no. 3/4, 2007

Grewal, Rahul (Allette Systems), "Managing complexity in the publishing cycle", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Hall, Stephen (SMS Management & Technology), "Search - the final frontier", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Harris, Matthew (Lantern CMS), "Total cost of CMS ownership", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

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Herrod, Lisa (Scenario Seven), "Supporting the individual in collaborative content creation", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Herrod, Lisa (Scenario Seven), "Better content by design", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Hughes, Vicki (CCH Workflow Solutions), "The evolution of online document management & publishing models", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Hunt, Lachlan, "Developing with HTML5", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Jelliffe, Rick (Topologi), "The true saga of wikigate", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Jensen, Paul (Wolters Kluwer), "The death of king content: are Publishers being relegated to a supporting role?", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Jermey, Jonathon, Australasian Indexers Forum - blog on using Web to better run ANZSI

Johncocks, Bill, "Creating order out of chaos: how to edit an index", review of Ann Hudson's talk, Society of Indexers Conference, London, 2007

Kennedy, Patrick (Two Steps Design), "Information Architecture best practices", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Lead, Cheryl (Molt:n Digital), "Marketing and Web 2.0", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Mercer, Kathryn, "Retrospectively produced book indexes: a Waikato case study" (pdf), recipient of the inaugural Nielsen BookData Research Award, NZLIM Vol 50 Issue 2 April 2007, pp118-130

Meyer, Peter (Elkera), "Using business requirements for successful content management projects", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Moore, Matthew (Engineerswithoutfears), "Knowledge Management and Web 2.0", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Oakes, Gareth (PTC/Arbortext), "Single source documentation", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Pate, Andrew (, "The convergence of intellectual property and technology", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Rayward, W. Boyd, The Origins of Information Science and the International Institute of Bibliography/International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID), JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE, 48(4):289-300, April 1997 - Paul Otlet, information scientist (pdf)

Reed, Mark (Sensis), "Corporate content management", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Roche, Alexander (Androgogic), "Implementing a Learning Object Repository", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Sachs, Howard (Sensis), "Content modeling", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Salisbury, James (iFocus), "Usable CMS implementations", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

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Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration, 12/02/2007, Parliament Portfolio, Department of Parliamentary Services, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia - (see "Senator FAULKNER - Yes, but the index has been junked, hasn't it?") - after junking of paper indexes after 2004, Senator Faulkner asked for manual indexes to Hansard be reinstated by Parliamentary Library as electronic indexes on ParlInfo were not any good - manual indexing continued according to ex Parliamentary Librarian Roxanne Missingham (2013)

Stockdale, Harry and Andrew Dobbin (Defence Materiel Organisation, CSSSO, Aviation Publications), "Technical documentation management - a case study", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Walker, Cairo (Step Two Designs), "Enterprise 2.0 in practice", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Warwick, David (Komodo CMS), "Closing the loop on web publishing", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Weakley, Ross (Max Design), "Understanding the user experience", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007

Wong, Raymond (NICTA), "Why and how to keep XML succinct", Open Publish conference, Sydney, 2007


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Brown, Fred, "Quality criteria for indexes, website navigation and search", (pdf) KnowGenesis IJTC, Vol. 1, Issue 3, September 2006.

Haskins, Lucie, "Embedded Indexing", (pdf) ASI Pacific Northwest Chapter, 4/1/06, 41pp - 3rd party FrameMaker, Microsoft Word plugins emDEX, IXgen, DEXter, DEXembed; Apress and Microsoft processes

Haskins, Lucie, "Embedded Indexing", (pdf) ASI Colorado Chapter 4/29/06, 20pp - FrameMaker process; 3rd party FrameMaker, Microsoft Word plugins emDEX, IXgen, DEXter, DEXembed

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