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Web Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing

Web & Electronic Indexing Pro Bono Program

The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG runs a free web index creation service for non-profit organizations with small web sites. This program benefits the organization, the SIG and its members by raising the visibility of web site indexes in general, promoting the Web Indexing SIG and its members, and helping members gain demonstrable experience.

About the Program

Indexers who wish to participate in the program must be a member of Web & Electronic Indexing SIG and have some prior web site indexing experience or training. Preference will go to those members who are listed on the web site. Each web site index created under the program is reviewed by another web site indexer prior to delivery.

The typical service provided by the program is as follows:

  • The web site or sub-site section should be approximately 15-100 web pages
  • The index will conform to the "Best Practices" listed on this website
  • The indexing work will be done completely off-site
  • The index will be delivered as either a single HTML file or series of files
  • The index project will have a deadline requiring less than full-time work to create (4 hours or less in a day, 20 hours or less than a week)
  • The indexer will not provide continual updates to the index

The non-profit organization will be expected to commit to:

  • Provide all the site files to be indexed either on a shipped CD, in a downloadable compressed form or online if agreed, and no further major changes should be made (unless agreed with the indexer) during the period of time that the indexer is working.
  • Make the index publicly accessible (volunteers do this for free so they can demonstrate their work)
  • Keep the index available and accessible on the site for at least a year (while no guarantee is expected, the index should not be intentionally temporary)
  • Acknowledge the creator of the indexer in some form (name mentioned somewhere on the site)

Further Information

  • Gravett, Amron, Beth Nauman-Montana, "Showcasing pro bono work and the benefits of collaboration", Key Words, Vol 21 No 7, pp 112-114, July 2013 (mention of Web and Electronic Indexing SIG Pro Bono Program p114)
  • ANZSI Index Series - these indexes were created by beginner indexers mentored by ANZSI and are for sale on their Website to generates funds for ANZSI - pro bono scheme also contains mentoring - this is a good example of mentoring growing new talent in the indexing field

Inquiries about the service should be directed to the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Pro Bono Project Coordinator, Christine Graham (team of 3).

Pro Bono Project Coordinator Job Description



  • offer support and engage emerging professionals
  • raise the rate of success for newbies locating clients
  • encourage experienced indexers to actively support emerging professionals in an organized effort.

Sources of Non-Profits


  • Indexing
  • Project Management
  • Web design


  • create project
    • contact non-profit
    • find URL of site that is viable for an index
  • find volunteer and train them
    • contact volunteer
    • get tools for volunteer e.g. XTHref
  • index site
    • do outline of site to find what is worth indexing
    • find URLs of key parts of site to index
    • create index
  • check index
    • peruse index
  • sign off
    • see how many hours expired doing index
    • terminate job
  • setup promo for indexer with
    • site URL
    • index URL
    • name of indexer
    • name of organisation

    Suggestions for contributions to this page should be sent to .

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