Web Indexing Awards

To encourage high-quality website and electronic indexes and to promote the web and electronic indexing work of professional indexers, the Web & Electronic Indexing Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing awards a deserving indexer the annual Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Award for excellence in the website and electronic indexing. The award is announced at the Honors & Awards session of the American Society for Indexing Annual conference each spring. You do not have to attend the conference to win. This is the best opportunity for all who are into web and electronic indexing to show what they are capable of. The point is to discover the most talented individuals and allow them to progress even further as well as discover new indexing techniques and methods. We greet the innovations.

Award Criteria & 2015 Entry Information

Eligibility Requirements

The index should be a browsable hyperlinked index for a Web or electronic publication including content management systems, wikis, blogs, ezines, ebooks, XML and PDFs.Created by humans, either an individual or a team.Award-Criteria

Publicly accessible on the Web at the time of submission, but could have been created at any time in the past. If a copyrighted ebook, it must be available via library loan or coupon or email or password-controlled Website to the reviewer.

Minimum size is 20 links. However, a website or electronic index that is too small cannot adequately demonstrate its quality. A larger index is likely to be more highly rated than a small one all other factors being equal.

Entries are open to members of the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG and its partner organization, the Information Architecture Institute (IAI). Members of other indexing societies are eligible to enter by joining the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG (ASI, ISC/SCI, SI, ANZSI, DNI, NIN, ASAIB, and China Society of Indexers).Up to two website or electronic indexes per indexer is allowed. Entries to the 2015 awards are now being accepted. The deadline for submissions is Thursday 31 December 2015.

Evaluation Criteria for the Award

AwardThe selection criteria for the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Award is based on the SIG’s best practices for Website indexes, tagging of metadata and ebook indexes including the following criteria:

Usability/ease of use in navigating within the index and finding information

Sufficient coverage of website or ebook content, i.e. indexing depth and completeness

The wording of entries and subentries

Correct use of cross-references

Sufficient and appropriate use of double posting of alternative terms

No broken or incorrect links

Special features used, e.g., use of a special method to indicate a page that is particularly important

Attractive design e.g. links to multimedia, figures and maps

Search and filtering

Location targets and chunking of text

Use of taxonomies and metadata vocabularies

Submission Guidelines

Please submit completed form which will be sent to the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Manager.

Submissions are free for Web & Electronic Indexing SIG members and members of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI).

Members of ASI and affiliated indexing societies who are not yet Web & Electronic Indexing SIG members should apply for free membership of the SIG. Please see New Member Registration.

People who are not members of an affiliated organization are encouraged to join at the organization’s annual membership fee and then approach the SIG for free membership.

All submitters to the Award will be acknowledged.


PrizeThe winning indexer receives US$75 and a certificate from the ASI Web & Electronic Indexing Special Interest Group.

The winner will be awarded at the American Society for Indexing-Indexing Society of Canada/Société Canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) Annual Conference in Chicago in June 15-18 2016.

Judging of the Award

The Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Manager submits the entries anonymously to the judge. Entries are judged by one judge who is an expert in web indexing, using the criteria listed above.

The judge of the 2015 Award is:

Dwight Walker

Dwight started the Web Indexing Award in 1998 when Webmaster of Australian Society of Indexers. He has written several articles on Web indexing including a chapter in ‘Beyond Book Indexing’, The Indexer, LASIE and Online Currents. He is a software engineer and librarian pioneering merger of the two disciplines to produce new areas for indexers to explore in indexing digital media such as metadata. Since 2011, he is now Webmaster of Web and Electronic Indexing SIG. He runs his own Web business WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd since 1997 including holding a Web indexing class online with US, UK and Australian students in 1998.

No web or electronic index of the judge(s) or the Web & Electronic Indexing SIG Manager (as the Award Coordinator) will be eligible for entry.

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers Web Indexing Award

The Australian Society of Indexers (AusSI), later the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI), was the first society in 1996 to award a web indexing prize or award to the best website index submitted. The Web Indexing Prize was started by Dwight Walker, the AusSI Webmaster in 1996-98. In 2006 ANZSI decided not to continue with the ANZSI Web Indexing Award as a standalone item.